Sunday, October 3, 2010


So Mrs. Warburton went back to the Old Country (NYC) for a couple days to do a little work and see some friends. That meant it was just me and the two little vikings all on our own.

Good thing THIS showed up on Friday:

Uh huh... that there's a Disney Silver Pass.
It allows the owner and three guests to get into any Disney theme park free of charge at anytime (almost), with the added bonus of free parking and a generous discount off everything in the park.
And Disney rocks hard enough to give one to each of their employees.
That makes me say:

So yeah... me and the maniacs went to Disneyland on Saturday!
We rocked the Davy Crockett canoes, Autopia, Mickey's Toontown, and a bunch of other fun (and not too scary) rides.

So what could make the day even MORE rockin'?!
How's about getting a babysitter and going out on the town with Mo Willems?

He was in town to promote THIS:

It's the last book of the trilogy and if you don't cry at the end you're a horrible person.


So we got together for some root beers with Bob Boyle and Wilson Swain and then grabbed some dinner at Chez Jay (get the calamari steak FTW).


As if Saturday wasn't rockin' enough... Sunday brought on the
Orange County Children's Book Festival!

Me and the wolf cubs went last year and had a blast so it was a MUST to go back!
Bouncy castles, train rides around the campus, a petting zoo, and all manner of sooper fun kid stuff and all FREE!

And you know we had to visit Dan Santat's booth while we were there! We even brought our copy of OH NO for him to sign... which made some folks jealous since Dan had sold out of them pretty quickly.

I wanted to get a pic of his booth since he had it decorated with lots of awesome drawings but totally forgot to snap one while we were there. So while I watched one son by the trains:

I sent the other to snap a picture. And here's what he came back with:


Works for me.

Anyway... I hope ya'll had awesome weekends as well!

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