Thursday, July 5, 2012


By now you know that whenever Mo Willems darkens the doorstep of LA,
we gather together to convince him to leave.

The best way to do this is to eat in front of him.
He HATES that.

So animator/author Bob Boyle started totally stuffing his face:

Then author Lisa Yee got in on the action
with a salad:


Writer/Cartoonist Tom Gammill
really wanted Mo to leave:

Mr. Willems tried to fight back...

But author/illustrator Marla Frazee just stared him down while 
doggin' a fishy salad:

Background artist Teri Shikasho
(and Bob Boyle's better 3/4's)
kept him reeling with fish tacos:

Mo's wife Cheryl futilely tried to deliver a counterattack:

But then Author/Illustrator Dan Santat 
delivered the coup de grace.
No manners.
No silverware.
Just a man-sized, 
hamburger mangling 

Guess who ain't in Los Angeles no mo.


Anonymous said...

That was hysterical! maybe next time you guys should invite Numbuh 2 to get in on your little feeding frenzy! I know Hoagie would get Mo out of L.A. in no time!

Anonymous said...

You missed your chance, Mr. W. The final line should read: "Guess who ain't in Los Angeles no 'Mo'?"

Tee hee!

Bouncer15111 said...

so basically you had a bunch of Chowder's there?

brianna14 said...

Congrats on defeating Team Mo! :D

mr. warburton said...

i'm totally stealing that joke, anonymous!

Lisa Yee said...

I linked your blog to my blog for Mo blog . . .