Monday, July 2, 2012


So I totally forgot to tell you about this year's 

It was at the Anaheim convention center...

And I was on a panel...

With these guys:

That's Illustrator/Author/Diet Guru Dan Santat,
Creator of Wow Wow Wubbzy and Yin Yang Yo/Author/Illustrator/Marathon Runner
Designer/Illustrator/Author/Teen Model

As described above,
we discussed animation, graphic novels, film and TV as well as
our work habits, inspirations, 
Mr. Santat's eating habits,
and the invention of the McRib sundae,
all of which was moderated deftly by the poised and patient Robin Brenner.

We had a blast!
There were NO injuries.
No one threw anything.
And the the audience laughed alot.

So with that mission accomplished,
I wandered off to walk the floor of ALA for a bit.

I got together with my literary agent,
the mighty Brenda Bowen...

Kissed former Kids Lit Ambassador Jon Scieszka on the head...

Shouted hello to graphic novelist Kazu Kabuishi from afar...

And stood in front of Game of Thrones author 

I then ran over to the Hyperion preview.
Not because I was interested in the books they were highlighting.
I had heard Mo Willems was wearing Crocs
and wanted to see for myself.

Mr. Willems was there to read from his latest Elephant and Piggie 
book that's hitting the shelves in October.

And as always,
he KILLED it!
The guy knows how to milk an 
audience for 

He also hyped up another book that's coming out this October.
A book that we worked on together.

But that's a story for another day.

thanks for the fun time ALA!


Mariana =] said...

That looks awesome! I wish I could go to see you!
and Mr. Willems with crocs xD
But what do you mean with a book that you helped Mo writting? Is this your secret project?? ...probably not, but anyway I'll be looking forward to your next post =]

Kris said...

You had a panel? Crocs!? Man you're so cool UmU;; ugh the problem with Michigan is no body ever comes here!! Everyone's all in LA or Hollywood or NYC. Mr. Warburton, one day I am GOING to see you in the flesh and I AM taking a picture and I AM giving you the biggest hug. I'll probably be in my Numbuh 2 cosplay with my partner(who may be Ace the Kid for Sakuracon)making incoherent noises. Good day.