Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've always loved Al Hirschfeld.

The master caricaturist.

The guy who puts NINA in all his drawings.

So imagine how excited I was when we 
got to work with him at J.J. Sedelmaier Productions!

Check it:

I even got to meet him at the wrap party!
(NBC had done a whole bunch of new ID's with cool and interesting artists)
I told Mr. Hirschfeld that while I was a big fan of his,
I was also a big fan of



Playwright and screenwriter.

How can you NOT love the guy who wrote the Marx Brothers movies
Monkey Business and Horse Feathers?!

Perelman pretty much exclusively wrote book after 
book of hilarious short stories,
but this was what got me started on him:

In 1947 Perelman and Hirschfeld were paid by 
Holiday magazine to travel the world and then draw and write about it.
What ensued was a series of laugh-out-loud
stories that were later collected into this book.

After meeting Mr. Hirschfeld,
I thought...
Why not ask him to sign it?
So I sent him a letter.

This is what I got:

In the mail?
Screw THAT!
I took the 'in person' option.

And I got invited to his iconic house in uptown Manhattan.
The visit was brief.
And I blathered like an idiot.

But I got this:

Almost 10 years later,
the master passed away at the young age of 99.

But what a life.
How awesome to have met him.

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Anonymous said...

Hi mr.warburton! I just wanted to say thanks for my childhood... The knd really made my childhood awesome and I've been reading your blog for 2 hours since I just watched interviews. Boy that was a sob fest for me. You rock and stay young!