Thursday, October 4, 2012


Didja ever hear of a studio called 
Perpetual Motion Pictures?

Neither did I until I started working here:

These two were my bosses:

And they told me countless stories about the guys,
who used to be their bosses:

Buzz Potamkin and Hal Silvermintz
started Perpetual Motion Pictures in 1968
and spent almost 15 years animating stuff characters like these:

Perpetual was the biggest studio in NYC for a long time,
creating boatloads of groundbreaking commercials 
as well as long-form animated productions
until it splintered into separate companies in the 80's.

And now,
many moons later,
ASIFA-EAST is proud to present,
for one night only,
 a retrospective of Perpetual Motion's work 
presided over by a panel of folks 
who were 

Mordecai Gerstein (designer)

Tommy Schlamme (producer/editor)

Candy Kugel (animation director)

J.J. Sedelmaier (assistant animator)

Russell Calabrese (assistant animator)

That's a LOT of talent to wrangle.
And there'll be even more in the audience!
That's why they're bringing in
the one person that can host 
and evening of this scale...


That's right.
Mr. Warburton is flying in to make his 
triumphant return to ASIFA-EAST.
And I can' t wait!

So if you're in New York City
on Friday, October 12th.
Come on out to 
The School of Visual Arts
Beatrice Theater
333 West 23rd St
ast 7:00pm.

For more info,

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Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome. I really wish I can up with the money to go to cons and whatnot so I can see such amazing artists like yourself. ;_;