Monday, October 22, 2012


Remember when I told you I'd be moderating 
a panel at the ASIFA-EAST 

Well, I did!
(would i lie to you?)

The event was held at the School Of Visual Arts' 
Beatrice Theatre on 23rd street:

We had a great turnout of folks 
who worked at PMP during it's 12 year tenure,
some flying in from across the country!

And the panel was top notch:

From right to left:

Russell Calabrese (assistant animator)

J.J. Sedelmaier (assistant animator)

Tommy Schlamme (producer/editor)

Candy Kugel (animation director)

Mordecai Gerstein (designer)

We showed a ton of films broken down into categories
that set the panel off on all kinds of great stories.
Here's a pic of my 'cheat sheet':

The great thing about having a great panel is that, 
as a moderator,
you don't have to do much but set things up.
Just give them a topic and off they went!
They were all funny, informative, and full of history.

There were a lot of fond memories of ,
Hal Silvermintz and Buzz Potamkin,
(the guys who founded the studio)
not to mention animator Vincent Cafarelli,
all of whom passed away in the last 6 months.

The night ended with a screening of
a film Candy made in honor of Vince,
her business partner of many decades
and mentor to me and so many other kids 
who dreamed of becoming an animator.

What an honor to host an evening like this.
and everyone who helped put the event together.

For a more eloquent recap
(and to see where I stole most of these pictures)
go to animator Michael Sporn's splog over

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