Wednesday, June 3, 2015


experiment began, right?

I mean,
the whole thing was a long shot.
We were about to do a lot of work on something
that probably wouldn't work.
Because if Cartoon Network doesn't want to make
Galactic: Kids Next Door...
We can't make it.
End of story.


Because I love KND.
I'm pretty sure you love KND, too.

And we wanted to make something
to show you.

And if Cartoon Network
liked it...

So essentially,
we were creating
fan fiction of our own work.

And after we had a cool script,
Numbuh D-20
(aka Guy Moore)
laid out an all-out storyboard assault.

He worked digitally in Flash,
leaving a trail of awesomeness in his wake.

He works rough,
but still very tight.

He asks a lot of good questions:

And he worries about every detail.
Like how handcuffs should work.

He plods ahead even if a character design isn't ready:

We sent notes back and forth for a while...

But honestly, there's never much to fix with Guy's work.
It's mostly nit-picky detail stuff.
And he NEVER half-steps.
I mean, he practically animated the darn thing.

Once the board was done and Guy 
started cleaning it up,
I contacted
Ben Diskin
Jason Harris
Dave Wittenberg
Jennifer Hale
the mighty
Cree Summer
to talk the talk!

Next up:



Unknown said...

Why hasn't Brian A Miller of Cartoon Network gotten my letter yet and hasn't given it to you yet?!!!

oldhatnewleaf said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, Mr. Warburton! G:KND is sooper important to me and seeing how it was done is awesome.

Guy Moore said...

For the clarification of Mr. Warburton's blog readers: I did nearly all the actual DRAWING in Photoshop. I then converted those drawings to symbols in Flash, and assembled and leveled them to create the framing and 2-D camera moves, and to output the panels. Drawing directly in Flash has both advantages and disadvantages, and the latter outweighed the former in this instance.

The booger reader (minus the circuitry) was actually modeled in a 3D program called Blender and screen-capped.

Mariana =] said...

Guy Moore, I just want to say how awesome you are for making pratically the whole animation and drawing, damn, if I had done it all by myself I would be really really proud. Congratulations, it ended up sooper-amazing-great, thanks for making it :)

Anonymous said...

I hope it gets sent overseas to Rough Draft Korea.