Wednesday, June 10, 2015



So we had our 
Galactic: Kids Next Door 
teaser/trailer/pitch video all done!

Now we needed a website to launch it on.

So I brought in some old school web building talent,
a sooper pal who I knew before 
Codename: Kids Next Door
was even a twinkle in my iced coffee:

Mr. Rob "Bear" Eberhardt.

Mens Corporation File Photo circa 1995

He's the guy that taught me about 
computers and stuff in the first place.
And I think he might have also invented the internets, too.
Or maybe he just showed me where the internets is.
I can't remember.

he was definitely the right guy for this project.

We decided that if the g:KND
were going to have a secret portal website on Earth,
they'd put it where no one would expect it.

Somewhere sooper round and oh so chunky!

And can you believe that no one
had registered:


I mean,

So we registered the heck out of that
and started sending ideas back and forth:

We talked about what the g:KND log-in would look like...
and that's where we started needing mr. moore's
lettering and numbering system!
I built most of the graphics in photoshop
and Rob added awesome animation, 
sound FX and much more to make it rock.

I spent a lot of time writing up the tags and responses for 
all the different log-ins.
Which was sooper fun.

The big idea was that if you typed in the word
then it would take you to a 
section taken over by anti-g:KND operatives.
There'd be some mysterious alien type
and what looked like a countdown.

And we wanted everyone out there to ask.


this website was just going to pop up
with no explanation.
There was no way for anyone to know that it was 
made to launch a sooper secret show pitch.

We wanted to start a conversation.
We wanted people to ask questions.
We wanted 

But how do you get people to come to a website
without telling them directly?

I'll tell you about that next time.

Right now ima get 
some lunch.


The Afro... It Lives! said...

The hype train was definitely rolling! Ahh!

Mariana =] said...

Oh you can't imagine my hype when I saw the video and the website... hum, actually I think you can, but anyway, I'm curious to know how did the leak happen :P
And the site end up really great, although I still have no idea why is there a red-eyed cat looking at my soul (except for scaring me, which of course worked).