Friday, June 19, 2015



Midnight was fast approaching.
Soon it would be April 1st 
and the
Galactic: Kids Next Door
hype train would
roll into the station!

Billions of operatives wondered if tonight
would be the announcement of a new era of
Codename: Kids Next Door!

But it wasn't.

And I knew that.
But you guys didn't.
And that killed me.
I would have liked nothing better 
than to tell you g:KND was happening.

But it wasn't.
So I could only hope that this video
would build enough hype 
to get Cartoon Network interested.

And there we were!

Mr. Moore and Mr. Courter 
busted their butts to 
finish the new animatic and were 
able to get it to
website overlord
Rob Eberhardt 
on the morning of the 31st.

And now he 
sat ready to hand upload the 
video at

jeez man,


As midnight ticked closer,
we watched the visitors at
pile up.

It was only then that we realized we
hadn't really thought about

The East Coast was gonna see the video a good
three hours before the West Coast!!!
And they would invariably 
spoil it
post it 
via social media.
Which kinda stunk.

We were also fairly certain it
would inflame the age old
East Coast vs West Coast
rapper rivalry.

But at this point there was nothing for it.
We were lucky to even have something new to show.



The visitors continued to line up!

It went higher and higher


So what happened then?
That's a story for next week!





Let's FINISH this story! 

But to be honest,
there's not much to talk about.

Well, other than this:

Without the announcement of a series there were 
a lot of emotions zinging around:


There were 
Head shakes
Flipping over of tables
And assorted bad words hurled in my direction.

Numbuh Four's epilogue at the end
drove a nail in the coffin of any operative who thought 
there was officially a
Galactic: Kids Next Door
series in the works.

But at least there was some closure to the
weeks of rumours that had been swirling about.

I remained silent for a bit,
just watching the aftermath of our
grand experiment.

I couldn't deny involvement any longer.
It wasn't fair to you guys.
Besides, we had to let people 
know about the g:KND!
Not just the faithful!

And I loved how 
operatives world-wide rose to the challenge!
You really got the word out!

Trevor Isaacs,
who put together the
petition at 
A root beer float commendation 
certainly awaits you on Moonbase Zero!

Over 28,000 signatures as of right now!
For that I salute each and every one of you!
Just reading the comments
is enough to make me grin like a big dope!


Some folks at 
Cartoon Network DID take notice.
(with a couple helpful hints dropped by me)

And we talked a bit.
And there was some chatter about bringing up 
g:KND in some meetings.
I mean, there are definitely some pro-KND operatives 
still at CN!

But after a long wait,
I received this:

Sorry to say that sadly, 
there isn’t interest in 
doing more KND 
at the moment.

... sigh ...




I knew it was a long shot,
but I still can't help but be disappointed.

But I still think it'll happen one day.
Missions alter.
Tastes change.
Regimes switch.

So g:KND can wait.

Good things always do.

thanks for taking this ride with me
and all the operatives who made it happen.
If anything, it proved that there are a
ton of KND operatives ready to mobilize at a moments notice.

And one day we'll take over the world.


The Afro... It Lives! said...

Kids Next Door Forever, Mr. Warburton! Thank you for being a giant part of my childhood!

Numbuh 721 said...

Hi Mr. Warburton! I've been a huge fan of KND since I was a child (I even recently cosplayed the KND characters with my friends) and have been actively following the G:KND saga.

I think we're all very disappointed that Cartoon Network rejected it, but I believe G:KND can still happen! A lot of old animated shows (Invader Zim, Jem and the Holograms) are coming back as comics and maybe G:KND could too! I think it'd be a really great way to tell the story through an interesting medium.

KND rules!

Josh Spicer said...
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Josh Spicer said...
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Josh Spicer said...

This is bullshit, to be quite frank.

There's still a lot of money to be made on the series, clearly, and there's so many places it can go creatively. Plus with the TV PG rating now becoming commonplace it could have the series evolve more.


Anonymous said...

INCOMING TRANSMISSION.... I just want to say that, even if we didn't get it fully on air, there's hope when it comes to things like this. And hey Mr Warburton, don't you still got curious pictures studios, if so well good, because this numbuh 10,155 and just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and the operatives at cn that took notice. I also want to thank all of you... knd operatives, I know cn rejected it. However, there's still hope for it to be greenlit. We just have to wait when there's time. I would like to wish that CN would at least accept it sooner, because it became a big part of our childhood. You really want to know what sucks? The powerpuff girls getting a reboot. Which is totally not fair. But all wells it ends well. I just hope there's a miracle someday, well... good luck Mr Warburton...END TRANSMISSION!!!!!!#!!##$@&

Mariana =] said...
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Mariana =] said...

Mr. W, thanks for your efforts, it was a really great experience and I loved all of it. I knew it was a long shot too, and sadly they didn't want it, but hey, maybe one day they change their minds. And you know? I don't need CN to accept it (though it would be awesome), it could be showed on another channel, or even on Youtube like Cartoon Hangover or the True Tail cartoon (which I think will be released there), even though it's not the same... but I suppose it would be kind hard to adapt all KND production to another channel or Youtube...

By the way, that reminds me, why did you tag Rebecca Sugar on Numbuh Vine's Facebook page? I was really curious when I saw that.

Anyway, you're awesome, KND rules, I still hope for g:KND to come alive someday and one day we'll definitely take over the world. :)

pinkandorangesunset said...

I don't understand CN.. I really don't..

Anonymous said...

Just remember that if you ever want to start a Kickstarter or any other kind of crowd funding project, that we would stand behind you all the way. Personally, that is what I assumed this was coming to anyway. Thank you Warburton and best of luck with your next venture.

Unknown said...

Wow, that is truly dissapointing. Maybe it was just the wrong timing. Another day, Another oppurtunity ......

Rocio said...
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Rocio said...
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Rocio said...
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Unknown said...

Le sigh. Man it was a wild ride. Makes me sad, but at least you've moved on unlike me, who's still wants the nostalgia of the old days. Cartoon City was like a creative amusement park for my imagination to roam. T.v. These days can't fill the void. You will be missed maybe one day I'll see some more of your awesome work, including gknd. Can't be mad at CN they need their glorious rating, airing adventure time back to back to back. I'll be waiting. Forever KND.

Anonymous said...

U could make a YouTube mini series

Marlou F (aka Numbuh 27) said...

They can't say you didn't try! Cartoon Network really made terrible move on rejecting g:knd. But I'm sure the other operatives and I will not let knd die! It shall live in our hearts forever! And I'm sure Cartoon Network won't stop hearing about this for a while...And We'd to thank you, Mr. Warburton, for putting so much effort to getting everyone hyped, and everyone else who worked on it to of course! They wont get unnoticed that easily. In hopes of letting g:knd being stopped and Cartoon Network getting better management! Forever KND.

Rocio said...

on the one hand, I feel sad that Cartoon Network could not accept G: KND but if PPG, was very confident in this proposal once I found out, all made with this duty and it was all a big movement that spread.
but otherwise I do not lose this hope that by the time this proposal is not of interest for this channel (I mean CN) may BEYOND alternative course that is something risky even then it would be worth or may in the future maybe accepts if perhaps not, somehow, it did not assume that this project could take months or less away that may take several years or even more than expected, will not fail in this mission! because more than 28,000 people and will become more interested and that this duty including myself and not in vain even though we are adults WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE HEART <3 and this promise will never break
End of Transmission: `D......

Anonymous said...

go to netflix!

eon said...

this isn't over CN get ready for the storm we are knd and we will not rest till you give in
we will not lose

number eon signing off

Anonymous said...

We've gotta believe!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say KND inspired me to study animation in school, so if you were ever looking for free animators to work in their spare time...I'm sure there are a few of us that would gladly take you as our team-leader. Even if it were just made of love and didn't follow the guides perfectly, it could prove interesting.

It's too bad CN stocked G:KND on its waiting list, but thanks for letting us know they responded at all. The folks at Curious Pictures really did amazing work when their studio was active, and one thing I loved so much about the series was how much of it was produced locally. Expensive, sure, but wow, is it incredible.

Props to Numbuh D20 and the other stunt-pulling storyboarders and creatives that worked with you! I had no idea so much work went into this hypetrain pre-deadline, and I love that these posts give us a peek behind-the-scenes!

silverAlchemic said...

Well, I promised that I would always be a kid at heart, even when I'm a hundred years old and don't remember anything about my time with this show. And I'm holding to that. KND Forever!

Numbuh 3-Count said...


Numbuh 8.8 said...

Sure it was a little upsetting to find out that G:KND wasn't (immediately) going to be a thing...but at least you went and explained what happened and didn't pull a "AHAHAHAHA, PSYCHE."-and-run! That definitely softened the blow. :)

But you know what they say...anything's possible! Us KND operatives/enthusiasts will be here spreading the word...hopefully one day, CN will change it's mind.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir, it's disappointing that CN is not interested in G:KND at this time. But it's obvious that you still have a story in your head and support from your old team. If you ask me I honestly feel you should consider continuing the series online is the same way you made those video teasers. The internet is the way of the future and people have had a lot of success posting online, just look into Roosterteeth and Cartoon Hangover.

Anonymous said...

All those that read this and wish for the Galactic Kids Next Door series to be real someday recite the following words: "We are the operatives of the Kids Next Door forevermore! Kids Next Door forevermore!"

marty said...

That's okay you can try again maybe next year or two but make it a follow up movie with your G:KND plot before having someone do a reboot with your blessing.

Dudi Ho said...

Agreed. IDW can turn G:KND into a comic book instead.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I know that a couple people may have mentioned this already, but what about Cartoon Hangover?

They have made a few neat web-series cartoons, and their website actually encourages people to pitch a series to them. It might still be a long shot, but it couldn't hurt.

Unknown said...

I still believe there is still hope never give up number one always said

Anonymous said...

CN has changed a whole bunch since our time :(

Mattwo said...

You need to find a way to work around cartoon network. They only care about toy sales, not creative freedom. Try to get the rights away from them or something and set up shop somewhere else.

Unknown said...

Tom, if Cartoon Network doesn't accept again or shuns your pitch permanently (At least let's hope not), you could sign a deal with Netflix to show it. (Not my original idea)

Unknown said...

Hey Tom Warburton! were 33k now and if Cartoon Network does it accept the G.KND idea, you can always ask them to set it on Netflix, because their bringing Reboots and spin-offs of the orginal shows.

P.S. I hope you're reading this or not.

P.S.S have a great day.

Unknown said...

Blogger Chase Lyons said...
Hey Tom Warburton! were 33k now and if Cartoon Network does it accept the G.KND idea, you can always ask them to set it on Netflix, because their bringing Reboots and spin-offs of the orginal shows.

P.S. I hope you're reading this or not.

P.S.S have a great day.

July 23, 2015 at 12:30 PM Delete

aron said... y estoo!!????

Alfonso Rubiano said...

i just can wait with my tears for the next season of KND

Astruliboy said...

Tengo una pregunta.
¿Por qué lo llamaste específicamente "Miguel Uno"?
¿Fué para que pueda ser usado en ambos idiomas o por algo más personal?

Unknown said...

The original show has taught me so much. Profound things, like postponing so-called "maturity", and silly things, like "You never put sprinkles on good ice cream". I can only hope it goes on, with even more hilarious DARPA acronyms. Good luck, I'll be wating with my DVR!

Unknown said...

The original show has taught me so much. Profound things, like postponing so-called "maturity", and silly things, like "You never put sprinkles on good ice cream". I can only hope it goes on, with even more hilarious DARPA acronyms. Good luck, I'll be wating with my DVR!

Unknown said...

when js the next update

Unknown said...

Why don't you try to pitch it to adult swim.It would be great for the darker plots we saw in the teasers..and besides rick and morty they aren't any awsome shows on AS.So why don't you contact them.Make a teaser especially for them and maybe it will happen.:3

Anonymous said...

I kinda agree with this dude above me.

Anonymous said...

yeah that's a great idea just keep trying different networks

Unknown said...

Dude post episodes on YouTube and watch the views grow. Then when it grows and grows and grows then present it to cartoon network and let then see how many people want to watch the show.

Leelah said...

I`ll wait as long as it takes!!!! #kndforever

Unknown said...

Totally try adultswim!!!!! $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Adult Swim is Rebooting Samurai Jack, you can give the show to the now grown up kids like me who wanna live in the past and not watch these pop culture shows. Maybe they might pick it up or maybe not, it's always worth a shot. I will be part of the KND for life, grown on the outside, a kid on the inside.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to pitch it to CN only. You can pitch it to Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and maybe even youtube. I think an Internet based audience would be better in my opinion rather than TV based.

Anonymous said...

Or make it into a movie

Anonymous said...

Can you put this on Netflix please?

Anonymous said...

If G:KND still can't become a TV series how about making it into a comic book series or a web series? I still have faith that it will one day become a TV series though ~ TB

Unknown said...

In a way, I'm kinda happy that GKND won't be a thing, because then Cartoon Network can't ruin another Reboot like they did Teen Titans GO! and The Powerpuff Girls (2016). On the other hand, I would love to see a reboot of KND, as long as the show goes according to Mr. Warburton's vision of the show, not Cartoon Network's perverted Product centered, vision.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

INCOMING TRANSMISSION....... Numbuh 272 here, part of the TND, ready for CODENAME: Stop the G:KND and at the end of the day, all we need is for someone to update cartoon network. Let's get an agent on that, shall we? And by all means, spread the word. END TRANSMISSION |

Anonymous said...

INCOMING TRANSMISSION....... Number 915 here, Even my teenage sister has a great want for this show! Let's spread the word! Get agents on that petition! END TRANSMISSION

Numbah4795 said...

Numbah 4795 here... finally pulled through the pain. I have seen good shows, and bad shows. Sell outs who care about nothing but money, and faithful idealists who operitives can associate with as "freinds". As long as we keep our promice made so long ago. we will keep our dream alive. WE WILL KEEP THE KND ALIVE!! I know we are too late already. but I have one thing to ask... are you with me?
End transmission.

Numbah4795 said...


Number 4795 contacting all remaining KND operatives. we need action. with over ten years since the release of the last season... we can only hope for better times ahead. we need to spread news about the impending help this new greenlight needs. We can take back kids rights to have a good show!

Anonymous said...


Ice Frozenhell Vaemorp said...

I was surfing the internet looking for anime, found a western artist, surfed its followed artists, found a not so safe picture that brought memories and so, I just typed the "codename:Kids Next Door" in a search engine for pictures, and I found no more dirty drawings, I only found more memories, lots of pictures where the kids were now teens, or were playing, smiling, being themselves, different artstyles, I shared the most beautiful with my friends, one of them told me it couldn't possibly be because of the ending it had, and I replied I heard a rumour of a new series being planed, he told me it was only rumours, I found this place, I read it through, I smile, laugh, hype, bring more memories to myself, and at the same time, while making me so happy, it made me sad, knowing while I stopped reading, it would be over, since I knew the proyect was just this much, I didn't read any further, but still, I love KND with everything I have, and sure I watched it in another language, but even in this one, it brings back all the feelings to watch the trailers...
I give you my best wishes, and never lose your hopes and dreams, kids only have hopes and dreams to smile, we adults crush them to make them like us, but some of us with crushed hopes and dreams, still want kids to keep dreaming and fighting their adult selves to love things like this for ever.
Thanks, signing out.

Unknown said...

I know it's a bit late to comment, but perhaps there is no other way, I never wanted to see a series so much. I do not know anyway I will continue to publish the request of change.ogr besides seeing the series again. G: KND Rules.

Greetings from Argentina

Unknown said...

Just keep trying Mr. W; if PPG can return, so can this.

Anonymous said...

Incoming transmition:
This is kids next door operative 4500.
You should try give the idea to other channel like disney xd or nickelodean.
Im sure they would like the show.
Operative 4500 out.

Transmition ended:

Anonymous said...

c'mon¡, knd is a great, great serie, cartoon network will regret not having given it green light :(. I hope this project does not die T_T, and if you turn it into a comic?: 'C

Unknown said...

So what now, is it just not gonna happen?

I would love to see another one of these made.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I believe in you make children's cartoons great again!

Unknown said...

Mr. Warbunton, para mi es muy triste saber que a CN no le interesa la propuesta de G:KND pero es como usted dice, los personas, los gustos y opiniones cambian. Pero eso no quita el hecho de que más agentes que siempre hemos sido niños de corazón nos sigamos esforzado para que CN cambie de opinión y volver a ver a nuestros personajes favoritos. Estoy segura que también muchas más personas harán lo que sea para ver a G:KND en la televisión. Le garantizó que HAREMOS LO QUE SEA.