Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Since I'm on break from Fish Hooks,
I'm using my sooper powers to find awesome things to do.

And what could be awesomer than
grabbing lunch with a couple KND pals?

Going counterclockwise after the dork in the bottom left hand corner:

Ben Diskin (Numbuh One and Two)
Tom Kenny (Knightbrace, The Common Cold and yeah... Spongebob),
Robert "Bobby Vegas" Serda
(CN's world famous recording engineer),
Dee Bradley Baker (Numbuh Four, The Toiletnator)
Cree Summer (Numbuh Five) holding her kawaii new baby, Brave!

Not pictured because she took the picture:
Collette "Sunderwoman" Sunderman

(KND voice director)

Yeah... it's not everyone.
No Lauren Tom (Numbuh Three)
No Jennifer Hale (Numbuh 86)
Mo Maurice LaMarche (Father)
No Dave Wittenberg (Numbuh 74.239)
No Candi Milo (Numbuh Two's Gramma)
No Grey Delisle (Gramma Stuffum)

But we'll try to get EVERYONE together some other time.

In the meantime, Ima hold that delicious baby!


Lily said...

Ok, so you must've been having an AMAZING time! But no Numbuh 3 NOR Numbuh 86? :( It's just not complete.

Anonymous said...

Hey o:
you forgot Racheal Macfarlane. but I'd imagine she's busy with Macfarlane stuff.

Bouncer15111 said...

Hey mr. warburton. should i send you some KND treehouse fusion fall pics? i'll even do it in a knd suit but FF is down right now so you will have to wait i'll even send pics of knd characters in cluding their fusions-Maybe it will be hard to get pics of the fusions any other shows you would like me to do my E-Mail is TAJodrie@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, will you ever explain where Numbah 274 went? Even after the splinter cell was proven fake he was still gone up until Uno went to the GKND.

Bouncer15111 said...

Anonymous above me you spelled numbuh wrong it's N-U-M-B-U-H

Bounce15111 said...

Mr. warburton Please read my big comment Bonus: if you do I'll do it with Numbuh 1,2,and 5's Nanos

yougotrejected said...

I really miss this show! :( Will you ever make a version of it like TND or GKND or like this next generation one? I really hope so, everyone does please.

charlotte-elizabeth said...

Hi! Fantastic photos. And how incredible it must have been to meet Tom Kenny!
If you do so again in the future, would you do me a massive favour? I'll love you forever if ya do!
This is me and my brother's fan page for Tom. We have hundreds and hundreds of supporters all backing him, and it's our dream for him to see it one day.


Thanks so much!
Love Charlotte x

Anonymous said...

This is soooo awesome! But it just doesn't feel complete without Jenifer Hale (Numbuh 86), Lauren Tom (Numbuh 3) and Rachel Macfarlane (Numbuh 362). I JUST LOVE THEM THREE!!