Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 22nd Children's Illustration Exhibit


Let's say you're a sooper villain.
And you call yourself, I dunno, something like,


Because, you know...
You HATE picture books.
Especially people who MAKE them!
(like Jarrett J. Krosoczka... Grrrrrrrr!)

So what should your latest evil plan be?

How's about gathering your evil henchman and
heading out to Northampton, MA
to attack the opening night party for the
Children's Illustration Exhibit at the R. Michelson Gallery?!

GREAT IDEA, right?!

Except that you missed it.

I was totally there.
It just so happened to fall on the weekend I was visiting Mr. Willems.

And what a night it was!
Mr. Michelson's Gallery, in the heart of Northampton, is stunning.
Built in an old bank building with ultra high ceilings
and lots of nooks and crannies,
it is THE go-to place to see the work of local artists that have reached a worldwide audience.
And it specializes in picture book artists!
I'm talkin' folks like:

Eric Carle
Kadir Nelson
Tony DiTerlizzi
Barry Moser
Rebecca Guay
Scott Fischer
Mo Willems
(who's work showed in the old bank vault)

and honored guest of the evening:

Jules Feiffer!

A lot of those people were on-hand that evening, too.
In fact, here's a picture of all the folks who were there that have a published picture book:

(check out the R. Michelson Gallery's Facebook page to see who (most of) these people are!)
(that's me in the back)

It was a really fun night, hanging out with old friends and new!

If you're ever in Northampton,
you should stop by the R. Michelson Gallery.

Unless you're a sooper villain who hates picture books, that is.


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