Monday, November 14, 2011


Remember when I posted my 7 year old son's sketchbook over HERE!

It was BRILLIANT, right?!

But guess what...
There is another.
A 4 year old.
And he, too, wields the power of sketchiness!

As you can see, K went with an unadorned,
right-out-of-the-store look for his cover.

It's clearly his comment on the crass commercialism
that's infected the current zeitgeist.

I think this piece will be important 25 years from now:

Brad and Angelina wanted to buy this for some outrageous sum
but K hated the idea of his art rotting away in one of their mansions,
unseen by the people.

Demi-European Macro-Politics is a frequent subject of K's:

You know, I appreciate Byzantine whimsy as much as the next guy,
but even I agree this one's kinda too much.

Or poignant?
You decide.

This was done the day after being put to bed early for throwing
hot dog bits at his brother.
You can really see where rage meets shame.

Even I don't get this one:

Ethical nihilism, I know.
But he's FOUR, for crying out loud.

Man's ability to create lunch...
and destroy it.

I apologize for this. Who would think a 4 year old has such a filthy mind?
But all art is filthy in it's own way.

What IS it good for?

I know, right?
K makes me feel my sketchbooks are no better than the
mushy, woody pulp they were created from.

But that's why I keep trying.

Regardless, it's never too early to get your kid drawing, is it?
Get 'em a sketchbook and get 'em drawing.
Then keep it forever.

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brianna14 said...

These pictures are beautiful works of art! It's nice that you give your kids sketchbooks :D

You son looks EXACTLY like Yoda :)