Thursday, November 17, 2011


I always liked this show when it was running on WB.
Great designs.
Awesome action.
And funny, too.

So I was excited to meet Christy Hui, the creator of the show.
We were introduced by our mutual voice director
(the mighty Collette "Sunderwoman" Sunderman)
and met in Santa Monica for some Japanese food and animation talk.

Joined by her fiance, we talked about our respective shows...
the networks they were on...
the artists we worked with...
our top secret future projects...
and why some people like uni and other don't.

(I don't)

And then the sketchbook came out.
Christy protested fiercely,
claiming to be a writer and not an artist.

So I told her to write something.

And look what I got:

Not an artist, eh?
I think it's pretty rockin'.

Anyway... we had an AWESOME evening and
hopefully we'll do it again some time!
In the meantime, keep an eye out for her latest project that's in the pipeline.

It's gonna be fun!

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