Thursday, November 3, 2011


It's kind of embarrasing when your 7 year old son
is rockin' better sketchbooks than you are.

Yeah, both my little maniacs started keeping sketchbooks recently.
The three of us hang out in the home office and doodle before dinner or
in an attempt to delay bedtime.

Just recently P finished his very first book:

So what ended up on its pages?

Bacon, of course:





Star Wars weaponry:



Angry Birds:

He liked when I showed him how simple it is to show
different expressions on a face so he did a bunch of his own:

Sometimes he takes stuff he sees in my sketchbook:

And makes it better:

And sometimes he writes stuff that makes you melt:

If you've got kids, why not get them a sketchbook and start doodling together?



Drury said...

I won't comment because even if I'd know where could I possibly and/or impossibly put my dictionary I doubt there are any english words capable of describing this stuff as intended.

Madison Durrer said...

Aw, that's some cute stuff!

I gave my little sister her own notebook after she saw me using mine. Since she's almost two, everything she colors are scribbles, but they're the best scribbles I've ever seen!

Mariana =] said...

Your kids are so talented! There's even a sketch of a Doduo xD
It brings back memories of my pokemon drawings that I did when I was little x]

Angela Entzminger said...

That's super cute. Way to get the kiddos to express their creativity!

Lily said...

These are pretty epic stuff! When I was his age, I used to draw lame scribbles based off Sailor Moon, I loved that thing. Still, it's very sweet that you draw with your kids, I do the same with my cousins, especially because I noticed little kids are very quiet when they draw.