Monday, April 16, 2012

I WIN!!!

So Mr. Willems and I made a little trade.
I drew this for him to give to the fabulous
Mrs. Willems for her birthday:

(she's weird and likes the plant/squid thingies I draw in my sketchbook)

And in return, I got THIS:

If you're asking whether that's the original,
final art from page 42 of this book:

Then you're all kinds of right.

And I'm all kinds of like,



Final score:

Mr. Willems - .7 points
Mr. Warburton - 365,042,954.44444444 points


My walls just got awesomer.

1 comment:

Bouncer15111 said...

Hey Mr.Warburton, that plant thing would of made a great KND villain.