Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So the auction to
help Joey Adams and his family
as the kids say,
off the hook.

There were LOTS of people there:

And there was TONS of amazing artwork on display.
These conceptual drawings for Madagascar
by Craig Kellman were some of my favorites:

Alot of the artwork on display was for the big online portion of the auction.
The Bronies were going wild for the My Little Pony artwork Lauren Faust donated.
I thought this one rocked pretty hard:

And after the online auction smoke had cleared,
each Pony drawing had sold for around $2000.
Except for one which sold for...
get this...


You heard me.

How awesome is THAT?!

I had to send Mo Willems a picture of this clerical error:

I won this piece by sooper star
animator/director/Tap Out Crew T-shirt model
Mike Hollingsworth:

As of this right now, I'm not sure how much the auction has brought in,
but I know it did pretty well.
Of course, it's nowhere near enough to solve the mind-numbing
medical bills of the Adams Family.
But every bit helps.
And how cool is it so see animation folks
rally around one of their own?

If you can't help out by donating at supportheadams.com,
keep Joey's family in your thoughts, okay?


Mariana =] said...

1- How many awesome drawings =O
2- Moe williams xD
3- I hope your KND drawing went well in the auctions ^^
4- 9100 DOLLARS ON A SINGLE MY LITTLE PONY'S DRAWING?! These ponies are really taking over the world Oo
5- Best wishes for the Adams =)

pinkandorangesunset said...

haha, i agree with Mariana =]
haha, how much did your knd drawing sell for? wish i could've got it TTnTT XD
and best wishes for the adams family~

Bouncer15111 said...

Hmmm, yeah how much did it sell for?
Also, a snake broom? Really? Why did you get that? I'm not saying I hate it but why that?

brianna14 said...

I agree with all of the people above me ^ How much did the KND drawing go for? :]

mr. warburton said...

I don't know what the final price was for the KND drawing.
But it certainly wasn't anywhere near $9100.00.
Maybe $91.00?

Anonymous said...

>>But it certainly wasn't anywhere near $9100.00.
>>Maybe $91.00?