Thursday, April 26, 2012


What, you smay ask, is SMAY?

It is this,
and I quote:

smay has no Webster "definition."

I define the word through the work.

music. art. packaging. thought. action.

connecting the dots between the eyes that you didn't know were there.

(and making the whole thing look cool)

It's also a graphic design studio
run by one of my oldest pals,
Phil Yarnall.

Phil and I grew up listening to Devo
and Adam and the Ants,
drawing comics,
throwing ninja stars at garage doors,
playing in a band called No Duh,
and eleventy billion other awesome teen activities.
Eventually we moved to NYC to take over the world.

Phil started Smay with fellow troublemaker Stan Stanski,
but these days he's rockin' things solo.

Phil handles all the design for the Jimi Hendrix Estate:

He also designs stuff for a lot of other artists, too:
(living, dead and somewhere in between)

He designs water bottles:


And all sorts of other sooper cool stuff.

Check out the smay website over HERE!

You'll like it!

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