Monday, April 30, 2012


I've known Chris P. a long time.

Creator of MTV's Downtown.
Owner and proprietor of rockstar animation studio Titmouse.
He of the glasses, scraggly beard and Budweiser hat.

Yeah, that guy.

We know each other from our mutual time served 
on the front lines of animation in NYC.
And now, of course, we're both in LA.
But in the many years I've known him...
I've never ever (forever ever) been to one of his
Smash Parties.

Ridiculous, right?


Did you just say,

I'm sorry, Mr. Warburton.
But I'm unfamiliar with this 
Smash Party 
thing you're talking about.

Oh c'mon.
You've NEVER heard of the legendary 


The one where you bring something, 
(non food-related) 
to bust up into itty bitty pieces:

An old TV.
A cow skull.
Your mother's fragile porcelain mice collection.

Then you enter THE CAGE...

and pick from an assortment of items:

An axe.
A sledge hammer.
A bowling ball.

And you smash it.
You smash it like there's no tomorrow.
And the crowd

It's a MUST GO event.
But somehow I've managed to NOT GO over the years.
So I fixed that this weekend

And the party
was amaaaaaaaaazing.

Live bands.
Food trucks.
Open bar.

Don't believe me?
Check what Maxwell Atoms did to this subwoofer:

Anger issues much?

I got there late so I didn't have time 
to rustle up anything to smash.
But I had fun watching.
Hanging out with friends.
Meeting new people.
And filming Chris P getting asked 
the BIG question:

 Thought provoking.

So now that I've finally been to this event,
I gotta go back next year
and SMASH me a 
little sumthin' sumthin'.

You should, too.

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