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KND STORYBOARD PAGES (season four part 2)

You're back!

I see you've come to sample more
original storyboards from
Codename: Kids Next Door!

Come in!
Sit down!

We're serving up
the second half of
season four!

dig in:

46B: Operation: MATADOR
Writer: Mo Willems
Storyboard: Guy Moore

First appearance of

Fun Fact:
When we were auditioning voice actors
for sports announcer Nick.
we received a tape from actor
Dave Wittenberg.
On it was
one of the
in the history of

But there was
something about his voice that we really liked.
He had presence
and great energy.
So we tried him out as Ernest
on this episode
and Mr. Wittenberg killed it.

After that little test,
we used him for a ton of characters
including one of my favorites,
Numbuh 74.239

47A: Operation: MUNCHIES
Writer: Mo Willems
Storyboard: Kim Arndt

Fun Fact:
This is one of those shows that would have
seriously benefitted
from today's technology,

Endlessly animating backgrounds.
Complicated vehicles that rotate.
Characters in obnoxiously detailed attack gear.

Asking an overseas studio to hand draw this kinda stuff 
is asking for trouble.
These days you can build a 2-D rendered 3-D model of a
and no one has to
suffer drawing it making a 360 degree turn!


Writer: Mr. Warburton
Storyboard: Kim Arndt

Fun Fact:
The premise of this
episode is a classic example of
what KND is all about:


And I still love this
piece of 2x4 tech:


48A: Operation: CLOSET
Writer: Mr. Warburton
Storyboard: Maurice Fontenot

If this wasn't a KND episode,
I think it would have made a fun live action movie
(using a lot of CG, of course)

With its epic avalanche,
grand scale,
Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe-like journey
it could totally work!

Or not.

48B: Operation: KNOT
Writer: Mr. Warburton
Storyboard: Guy Moore

I really liked this story but
it kinda got away from me.
Somehow we shipped the show too long 
(something we rarely did)
and we had to
cut out a TON of stuff when it came back.
We sped up dialogue
and cut down held shots
and finally finally finally 
got it to time.

But the story has always felt rushed and
choppy to me since then.

Bonus Fun Fact:
 If you think Moosk sounds 
similar to a ranger named
(from one of my all-time favorite RPG's
That's because they're both voiced
by the 



49A: Operation: SNOWING (part 1)
Writer: Mo Willems
Storyboard: Matt Peters

Fun Fact:
This is another story that came from a dream.
(When you're writing sooper huge epic stories every week
you tend to eat, sleep and dream stories)
The dream wasn't about a
snow day,
but it did have those school bus walkers
picking up children 
who were trying to escape

A word of advice:
Keep a notebook next to your bed and
write down stuff you dream about.
You won't remember it in the morning!

49B: Operation: SNOWING (part 2)
Writer: Mo Willems
Storyboard: Kim Arndt

Fun Fact:
Gallagher Elementary was
named after the fabulous
Mrs. Warburton
(nee Gallagher)
 but the radio also mentions
Kendall Prep
(after rockstar BG designer Gideon Kendall)
Myers Elementary
(after kick-butt character designer Todd Myers)

50A: Operation: MAURICE (part 1)
Writer: Mo Willems
Storyboard: Maurice Fontenot

First Appearance of

Fun Fact:
By this point in season four,
Mr. Willems had announced he was leaving to become
So he wrote a 
story about an outstanding operative named 
(Mo's given name)
that everyone
desperately missed when 
he was decommissioned.

Ridiculous, right?

50B: Operation: MAURICE (part 2)
Writer: Mr. Warburton
Storyboard: Guy Moore

Fun Fact:
We always got a
of complaints from fans 
about how unfair
decommissioning is.
(and I STILL do)
But when this episode revealed
that there was actually an elite group of KND
operatives over the age of 13,
a collective sigh of relief 
could be heard around the faniverse!

Writer: Mr. Warburton
Storyboard: Kim Arndt

Fun Fact:
I really wanted to give this board to Matt Peters
but it didn't fit into his rotation.
Not that Kim couldn't handle it.
It's just that this show was really about
big stoopid dumb guys and
Matt Peters

And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

51B: Operation: LOVE
Writer: Mo Willems
Storyboard: Matt Peters

Fun Fact:
Everyone who touched this episode

Mo's songwriting.
The design team's costumes.
Matt's choreography.
of course,
Steve Rucker's music.

We wrote the lyrics
but Steve made the songs 
Some of his best work on KND!


52A: Operation: FERAL
Writer: Mo Willems
Storyboard: Maurice Fontenot

First Appearance of 
Numbuh 74.239
 Numbuh 71.562
Numbuh 275

Fun Fact:
After watching Disney's Tarzan
I thought that if a man could be raised by apes,
why couldn't a kid be raised by Rainbow Monkeys?

Bonus Fun Fact:
Numbuh 275 was based on a boy named Jacob
who made a request through the
 Make-A-Wish Foundation
to be a character on
Codename: Kids Next Door.

Sooper character design king Tom Evans 
made this drawing for him, too!

52B: Operation: DODGEBALL
Writer: Mo Willems
Storyboard: Guy Moore

Fun Fact:
In the original story,
Numbuh Four was the Beetles of dodgeball prophecy.
But then Mo came in my office to tell me
that Wallabee had to LOSE the 
match with the Dodgeball Wizard.
Because his little brother Joey
was the Beetles of prophecy.

And I was all like:

Bonus Fun Fact:
This board was another of Guy Moore's
finest moments
although Cartoon Network did ask us to 
tone down some of
the urban destruction
during the dodgeball match.

that's good storyboardin'!

If you're still hungry for more,
head on back and grab seconds from
the previous seasons:


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