Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So my oldest son is going into middle school.

And like his weirdo parents,
he's less of a math/science kid
and more of an artsy creative kid.

So we've been looking for a school that'll
embrace his creative side.

Problem is...
there are very few schools that 
push the arts.

Sure, there are schools that stress
but not

Every school has a 
and a
school plays.

But barely any art classes.

Maybe an
'art on a cart'
teacher might come in once a week.
But even that's disappearing.


While playing an instrument 
or acting in a play is a wonderful thing...
how many of those students go on to a career
in music or acting?

I'd like to argue that more careers might come out of 
visual arts training.
Stuff like:

Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Game Design
Industrial Design
and let's not forget the 
poor saps who get into

Perhaps teaching visual art
is more subjective than
teaching music or acting?

Perhaps a play or a concert is 
considered more of a big ticket school event
 than an art show?

Everybody likes when their kids make art when they're young

So why are we chasing them away 
from it so early?

one of the schools in our area has some amazing
performing arts magnet programs and 
is just starting a visual arts program.

To apply,
kids need to present a portfolio
of their work.
There's even a place on the application
to include the URL for their online
portfolio if they have one!

I don't even have an online portfolio!

So we've been compiling some of my son's work
and having him work with an art tutor to help him 
create some new pieces to show.

And he's kinda kickin' butt.

Check it out:

Sooper proud dad over here!


Mo said...

Go Mr. P! You & the Trixter should go on a sketch-crawl...

Joe said...

I'm really excited to see how the Visual Arts program works out - because you are right - there is a big hole in an otherwise very diverse set of programs. There is no question that your boy will thrive in an environment like that - and it's exciting to see that he's going to thrive artistically wherever he is. Having a targeted school program is great - but clearly having weirdo parents is better!

Evrett said...

no no..lack of art classes at school is good! art classes are school and school=bad/work to most kids. Our best work comes from suffering and suffering through boredom will drive an artistic kid to doodle and experiment with free thought drawing for the whole time he/she is at school. drawing will become a secret hero the kid chooses to go to instead of a requirement put their by teachers or parents. Art classes are like those theater plays..great for the parents to see things are getting done but not for the psychology or love of art. The kid has plenty of time to learn the science of art..but first they must suffer and discover art is their friend.