Saturday, June 27, 2009


Whenever I wade into the jungle of my old files, swinging my machete right and left to clear through the miasma of paper and cel, I invariably come across some fun, often postable stuff. Case in point the image above. That there's my very first business card circa 1990, which I neglected to mention in my former post about business cards-- mainly because i didn't think I had any kicking around. Every once and while, an old pal will pull one out of their wallet to show me they've got one, but I thought all mine were gone. Apparently not so!

It was actually my first attempt at an animation cel. I got some sheets of acetate, ran 'em through a xerox machine and then used some sort of acrylic paint to color it. Not the prettiest thing, but it did the job.

And that's still my parents phone number- hence the strategic blocking out. Don't want you weirdos calling my parents and asking personal questions about me.

And speaking of cels, the picture below was a cel set-up I included in my original pitch for Kenny and the Chimp. And yup, you guessed it. That there's an original Gideon Kendall hand-painted background, done back before we were rockin' Pepper Ann and Kids Next Door together.

The original pilot episode I wanted to do was called 'Got Your Nose' and concerned Chimpy constantly stealing Kenny's nose off his face. That's what's he's got in his hand, high-tailing it out of the kitchen like a monkey that just stole yer nose.

Also, please note Kenny's watermelon-shaped head... which later got changed to more of a basketball-shape because Cartoon Network thought he looked too much like Hey Arnold.

So throw your hands in the air and shout if you like old school!


Anonymous said...

It really would be awesome to see other kenny and chimpy episodes


Jason said...

i remember kenny and the chimp, that was the first time i saw PROFESSOR TRIPLE-EXTRA LARGE! best character ever! Also didn't you do a swine flu disease kenny got? predicted the future. i remember he had a pig for a head. Cartoon Network really missed out on that, it would've been great. :D

Brubaker said...


I've actually collected cels of other shows, in fact. I have a bunch of cels from that "Mother Goose & Grimm" cartoon nobody watched.

Numbuh 9.494 said...

I actually laughed when I read the part about Kenny looking too much like Hey Arnold. :D