Wednesday, June 24, 2009

She better have gotten an A+!

Here's a cool little sumthin' that someone sent me on Facebook.

KND operative Alejandra (aka Male...'but not pronounced like the English Male') from Sector ES in El Salvador is a graphic design major and put together a book about Cartoon Network for a project. And it rocks pretty hard.
Check it out:

Awesome, right?

I'm thinkin' A sooper triple plus.

And, you know... for some completely insane reason Cartoon Network has never made a book about the network.

So hows about someone from CN give Alejandra a call and make this happen?


Unknown said...

...That is the most epic thing I've never seen. I would have purchased that book in a heartbeat.

RedStar said...

Yay, Courage is on there too! We can't forget about him... or Johnny and Dexter... or Cow and Chicken... or PPG ... or KND, either!

All of them are amazinglytasticriffic! I would love to have this book.... I hope Eustace's hot-head picture's in it, too. :D

Chris Battle said...

Aw, fer chrissake... I want this NOW.

Anonymous said...

that's the best book right behind 1000 times no! I must own it haha


Van Partible said...

I LOVE the design of the book. (At least from what I've seen on this blog.) I wish your creation could be published for everyone to enjoy! You should be congratulated so... Congratulations!

-Van Partible (creator of Johnny Bravo)

nothanks said...

Oh,wow!Just simply amazing!If this doesn't get published then I might as well start a strike or shoot myself.JK.I absolutely LOVE every single show that was in that book.All classics.Simply classics.

Alejandra Cuéllar said...

CN.. Let's make this possible :D :D

Anonymous said...

I want that book. Now.