Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I assume most of you have already bought the June issue of Parents Magazine for the article '6 Simple Ways To Teach Sharing' or the hard hitting essay 'Know Your Discipline Style (Tough Enough? Or Too Tough?)'

But once you've finished reading those... be sure to check out page 22 where none other than a certain someone's book is claimed to give the rockingness to babies.

Check it:

WOW! Big thanks for the plug, Parents Magazine!

Meanwhile, over at the much lauded kid-lit blog, 7 Impossible Things for Breakfast, 1000 Times No got another sooper nice review! Some choice tidbits:

"Warburton is obviously all about cartoon, even the animated kind. In 1000 Times No, he treats us to lots of color, thick black lines, simple text, and a lot of comforting round-ness."

"...it’s a hoot of a lap-read with your favorite wee child. It’s light. It’s funny. Even enlightening. (Hey, I didn’t know how the Dutch negated something—or how to pronounce it—until now.) Good times."

BiG thanks, 7ITBB!

Check out the whole review HERE.

But that's not all...

The aforementioned mighty, mighty Mother Reader posted HER review as well:

"The illustrations are engaging, starting simple and growing in complexity with each page turn. The cartoon style is enhanced by the watercolor treatment of the bold black outlines and the exaggerated shapes of the characters. There are plenty of fun things to catch along the way, like the cartoon on the diaper that matches the expression of the toddler."

"...it was the book trailer that made me certain that this was a book I'd need to see. In fact, now that I've read the book, I appreciate the video even more for giving the pronunciation of all the different no's featured. (And props to the kid who nailed them all. Or so I guess, not speaking Rapanui myself.)"

The rest of the review is right over THIS WAY!

Now, THAT'S a nice batch of reviews, huh?


Jules at 7-Imp said...


And, yes, MotherReader is mighty!

Anonymous said...

They never stop talking about you, do they? They have finally seen the awesomeness of Warburton!


DannaItza said...

Congratulations 4 da magazine article!!! ^0^