Friday, June 26, 2009


So a lot of friends, family, friends of family, family of friends, friend's families Pilate's instructor's best friend's families and even a couple arch enemies who don't live close to NYC have asked me how to get their copy of 1000 Times No signed.

Unfortunately, they want me to cross out the title, write Knufflebunny, and have Mo Willems sign it.

But for the few folks that actually want ME to sign the book...


What most folks are doing is ordering 50 copies on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and having them shipped right to me. I'll draw a little picture, inscribe it to whoever you want (and spell their name right almost 94% of the time), and then sign it and ship it on back to you. It just might look kinda like this one:

But you'll have to hit me back for shipping. Even though I'm a big shot animator/author/dance instructor/ninja that makes THOUSANDS of dollars EVERY YEAR I can't afford to pay everyone's shipping.

So go on... they make great gifts, collector's items, ballast for your car trunk, etc etc. All ya gotta do is drop me a line at and we'll set something up. But, you know, serious inquiries only. Please don't e-mail me asking for 5 bucks or with questions regarding state capitals or US presidents.

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