Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's NOT always about me, you know.

I know all this talk about me, Mr. Warburton, can get tiresome at times.

Like every day.

So just to prove to you that's it's not always Mr. Warburton, all the time, I wanted to tell you about a sure-fire fun event going on this weekend.


Crap... now it's about ME again.

Regardless, I've mentioned it before... but I'm not the only hard workin' guy out of Curious Pictures to release a fabulous book in the last couple months.

Sooper powered director Ro Rao has, too!

It's called Herbert's Wormhole and it's REALLY fun. Tons of great drawings, a rockin' website, and crazy fun videos.

What's more, he and his writing partner Peter Nelson put on a knockout show for the kids. And the next stop on their whirlwind tour is Books of Wonder here in NYC.

You know, that book store I was at a couple to promote my-


So come on out this Sunday and set your laugh-o-meters for FUN!

All the info you need is right over HERE!

I'll see you there!

I mean, you'll see Ro and Peter there! Not me. Even though I'll still be th-

Oh, never mind.

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Anonymous said...

Can you sell this book?