Saturday, August 15, 2009


No... that wasn't the name of my band in high school (but I wish it was).

I'm just tossin' you some bite size chunks of 1000 Times No from the internets:

Firstly, the bees at the Bookhive are abuzz with nice words about the book:

"A truly entertaining book to read aloud and share with the naysayer in your life."

The rest of the review is hiding behind this word right HERE!

Next, the Westchester Library System has got a lil sumthin' to say:

"This cute and simple story evokes the frustration of a parent when they are up against the unfailing determination of a child who doesn’t want to do something. The outcome will provide a good belly laugh for all, and the opportunity to experience the down side of negativity."

For more of that kinda stuff you can go over HERE.

And who woulda known that when folks from the Church of Latter Day Saints gather they talk about 1000 Times No? Not me... but I love 'em for it:

"’s a book to enlighten the little one on a very popular word used by them. 1000 Times NO, by Tom Warburton, brings out this negative in many different languages and messages".

Check out the whole article HERE.

And there's even more nice stuff over at the Not Just For Kids blog:

"It is an amusing and straightforward story of a toddler who wants to make himself absolutely understood by declaring "no" not once, not twice, but 1000 times in 1000 different ways."

You know the drill... more over HERE.

And while this last one isn't quite a review, someone named Sue Hodaras used one of the pages from 1000 Times No to illustrate a blog post on the power of NO right over HERE!

Mighty tasty chunks, wouldn't ya say?

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