Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moosk = Minsc?!

So even though he was in only one episode of Codename: Kids Next Door--- the muscle bound, English language mangling, former accountant turned legendary Tie Hunter Moosk seems to have a LOT of fans.

And quite a few of those fans have noticed a certain similarity between Moosk and a certain character...

from a certain videogame...

And my answer to that is...


It is a COMPLETE COINCIDENCE that I played (and LOVED) all the Baldur's Gate games and that Moosk has slightly similar vocal styling, ramblings, and inane rants akin to the stylish, rambling, inanely ranting character Minsc.

It's also a COMPLETE coincidence that the same voice actor (the inimitable Jim Cummings) played both Minsc and Moosk.

Sure, they sound sooper kinda somewhat almost exactly a little alike.

But that's just one of those weird little coincidences...


Okay... fine.

Maybe not a TOTAL coincidence.

But still...

Anyway, for all you Minsc, I mean Moosk fans, he's making a comeback in the pages of Cartoon Network Action Pack real soon! Check out this sooper coincidental sneak peek page by Power Tie Penciller Maurice Fontenot!

And just so you know... this is the way I mark up Mr. Fontenot's pages so the letterer knows where to put all the dialogue from the script.

Now you know... and knowing is half the battle.

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