Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Imagine my thrill when the mailman comes and hands me a sooper-shiny-hot-off-the-press-brand-new-not-even-out-yet Elephant and Piggie book by Mr. Willems!

Because usually Mo makes me beg to get his latest books. Sometimes he makes me do backflips. Or he has me bake him 1000 chocolate chip cookies-- and then decides he wants oatmeal instead. There was also the time he wanted to see how many naked mole rats I could fit in my underpants (less than you think).

But you know something? It's all TOTALLY worth it. Because in return for all the backflippin', cookie bakin', scratchy pants craziness I get a signed copy of Mo's books.

So I can't say I wasn't suspicious when I got an unsolicited copy of
'Pigs Make Me Sneeze'

Then I looked at the the title page:





Talk about being HONORED beyond all honorifficality.

But now I'm afraid to answer the phone for fear its Mo asking for another 'favor'.

I have a feeling it has something to do with that 'itchy' comment.

thanks mo!