Friday, August 14, 2009


One of my sooper pals from college e-mailed me a short while ago to tell me that he was at the Jersey shore enjoying some delicious beverages at a friend's house. When he asked for a lime in his drink, the friend went into the fridge and pulled out a baggie chock full of the citrusy slices-- and who was on the baggie?

Yup... everyone's favorite battlers of adult tyranny!

These came out on grocery shelves a while ago. But the KND weren't the only ones to grace the zippy little bags. These girls were on them, too:

And this mad little scientist:

I made sure to buy up a ton of these so I'd never run out of awesome baggies! I don't think they're making them anymore but I still see them on the shelves occasionally and always buy more.

What's really cool about this is that Power Puff and Dexter were the shows I loved most on Cartoon Network and the whole reason I wanted a show on the channel! And here are my kids 'sandwiched' between them!

Did I just make that joke?

Yeaaaaaaaah... I did.


nothanks said...

*hugs the Ziploc baggies* I squeled when I saw KND and when you said that,"and these little girls got there own,too" I knew it was the PPG and I went crazy!PPG were my favorite tv show before KND came along.Then Dexter's Lab!Wow,those are like all of my favorite tv shows all in one ziploc bag box.I NEED to get one of those so I could pack my lunch in for school!So awesome!

Anonymous said...

someone took his "hoagie's brand corny jokes" today. Speaking of which...did I just make that joke...? yep.