Saturday, May 8, 2010


New York City never felt so far away!

Wish I could be there with ya'll tomorrow night!

Say HEY to everybody for me...

And sooper triple big congrats in advance to all the big winners!

But for those of you who have nooooooooo idea what I'm talking about...

The ASIFA-EAST Animation Festival Awards is the the THE animation event of the year in NYC!

After many looooong nights of screening every single film that was entered into the festival, the members of ASIFA-EAST come together to bestow awards on the bestest of the best films!

And you even get to watch them!
(Warning: Not all films are safe for children!)
(Warning: Not all films are safe for adults, either.)

Make sure to stick around afterwards because there's free food and drinks, too. Want to meet the filmmakers? Chances are they're there and 94% of them are really friendly!
(Don't ask me what percent are sane)

So how much would you pay for fun like this?

$200 a ticket?


$5.50 with your senior citizen discount?

No, you won't.

Because it's stark, naked FREE!

So if you're near NYC... get over there tomorrow night!
I wish I could!

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D.A said...

An animation festival in... New... York... City...? Merlin, MY DAD IS IN NYC RIGHT NOW!!! He's at a golf tournament or something, I asked if i can go, and he said no! *sniffs* Aw, I want to go to that festival, but I'm stuck here in Virginia, playing computer!!