Tuesday, May 4, 2010


No, seriously...


Shouldn't you be in Washington DC?

At like, the Kennedy Center?!

Like NOW?!?!?!?!

Because that's where the brand new, hot on the stage, first ever official Mo Willems musical is happening.

Yeah... sure there have been some small productions based around Mo's books.
Kinda like this one:

But but but... KNUFFLE BUNNY: A CAUTIONARY MUSICAL is the first with the script and lyrics actually written by Mo himself!
Check it out:

World Premiere Kennedy Center Commission
Knuffle Bunny:
A Cautionary Musical

Based on the book Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems
Script and Lyrics by Mo Willems
Music by Michael Silversher
Directed by Rosemary Newcott
Choreographed by Paige Hernandez

With music by Grammy-winning composer Michael Silversher, Emmy-winning author/illustrator Mo Willems adapts his book Knuffle Bunny in this Kennedy Center commission--about family, best friends, baby steps, and memories that last a lifetime. Age 4+.

* May 8 - 23, 2010
* Family Theater
* 1 hour
* $18.00

Oh, and you know Stephanie D'Abruzzo?
Perhaps you remember her as the voice of Lady Richington in Mo's Cartoon Network show Sheep In The Big City?

Or maybe you remember her from the hit Broadway Musical Avenue Q?

Well, if you'd get your butt to Washington DC... you'll remember her as playing the part of Trixie in the musical!
How cool is THAT?!

You can get all the info you need over HERE!

So c'mon!
Let's go see this thing!
I'll see YOU in the front row!*

* Actually... I won't see you in the front row because I can't go. But tell me how all about it when you get back, okay?


roconnor said...

According to the Kennedy Center calendar, every show has SOLD OUT!

MotherReader said...

Yup, I'm going to be there on the first Sat evening performance. And Mo better say "hi" to one of his top stalkers. :^)

brianna14 said...

ahhh! sold out! that's too bad... :(

MotherReader, you are just delightful :) top stalkers. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go. I love Mo's books and I'm sure that the musical will be pretty interesting as well. :)

robstar1fan said...

Knuffle Bunny was such a cute book ^^

D.A said...

It's playing at Washington D.C??? I live, like, 30 minutes from there!! Man, but the only seats available is on a Friday, at 1:30 pm. Hm... I'll ask my mom if I can skip school for that... she'll say no, that's 99% sure of, but I'll try.