Friday, May 28, 2010


Yes, she does!

And just the other day my two little pirates were threatening mutiny unless we got some frozen yogurt right that very minute.

And who am I to say NO?

So while me and the family are at the counter ordering, who do I lock eyes with?


You know... the voice of Numbuh Three?!

I hadn't talked to her in AGES!
In fact, she didn't even know I had moved to LA!

So me, Mrs. W, the maniacs, Lauren, and her two cubs sat and talked for a while.
And we decided we had to put together a reunion for all the KND voice actors!
Not sure when yet... but you know I'll take a ton of pics to show you when it does happen!

And i WOULD have taken a picture of Lauren, but she wouldn't let me because she was on her way to the gym.

So I took this one:

YAY! Great seeing Numbuh Three again!


Anonymous said...

well, you do meet people in the strangest places
you should take pictures of the reunion, that will be awesome!
speaking of reunions, I was browsing wikipedia the other day and came across the page for curious pictures and I noticed that there was a knd film for 2010 that was labeled 'TBA' or to be announced which ever is prefered.
but i was just wondering if this was true as you can probably imagine my delight when I saw this (my smile went a big as numbuh 3's)
please get back to me on this! :D

Anonymous said...

It's a small world after all.

brianna14 said...

that is awesome! it would be great to see the pics of the reunion!

robstar1fan said...

It must of been awesome to see Lauren again! If I were you, I would ask for a Numbuh Three impression!

Anonymous said...

How cool! A reunion sounds like it would be a fun time for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, if there is a reunion, it would be the AWESOMEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD if we could see a film of the voice actors doing their voices... VOICE ACTORS ARE SO COOL.

Anonymous said...

That's so great! A reunion for the KND! Kyaa~! Awesome

Send us a lot of pictures~!

Oh, and when are you finally going to tell us the DCFDTL girls' name? C'mon, we waited long enough!

I have still work to do on the Code Module!

nothanks said...

Numbuh three eats frozen yogurt???!! :D You got to be kidding me!?I eat frozen yogurt,too!In fact,I almost went on over to TCBY,today.Furthermore,since I'm about to head out of the house with my friends I think I'm going to stop by TCBY.Yay!Frozen yogurt time!lol.Also,to what the first Anonymous said,I jumped out of my seat,because I could not believe it.I rushed over to Wiki and saw the TBA right next to the KND film.Not to mention,it said Warner Bros. by it,meaning it's not going to be on CN,but the big screen!! :D Please,get back to us on this,Mr.W,because I don't want to be mislead by ol' Wiki.
Also,take a bucket load of pics of the reunion,please. :)

Unknown said...

As soon as someone said that, I, too, went over to the ol' Wikipedia. Right there, operation W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G...however i think it is a hoax because usually the acronym would spell out something pertaining to the subject. However, with the new opportunity of the voice actors, it must be fate, KND must live on!!!:D


nope... no plans for a KND movie.
not sure why it says that.
i mean, i wish there WERE plans for one... but right now there's nothing in the pipeline.
lots of ideas, though!

Anonymous said...

oh thats a shame!! :(
I was so looking forward to that
Maybe curious pictures wants there to be lol
Darn you Wikipedia!
By the way this was from the 1st anonymous

nothanks said...

ah man :( I knew it was a hoax;too good to be true.

Unknown said...

I was wondering...will the reunion result to an extra episode of KND?if not, it'll still be amazing to see them again!!!I loved KND!:D

Unknown said...
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