Monday, November 10, 2008

1000 Times News

A couple weeks ago I got the F&G's for my first children's book '1000 Times No'. Yeah, I didn't know what F&G's were until Mo Willems told me. And you know him. He told me it stood for Fish and Game and it's how publishers decide how many copies to send to publishers of hunting magazines.


But now I have an editor, Brenda Bowen (who took over for the departed Laura Geringer), who explains things to me without laughing after I leave the room (I think...).

F&G stands for Folded and Gathered and they're the first printed copies of the book, but they're not bound yet. They're just floppy booklets pinned together that have been FOLDED and GATHERED.


I totally thought I was gonna cry when it was first put into my hands.
And no... not because it was BAD- because it looks...
Well, it looks sooper triple awesome and represents a lot of hard work that's finally REAL! And I wasn't REALLY crying... I just had something in my eye and I was cutting some onions before I got there, etc.

And as a bonus, here's a mention of the book after it was presented to local NYC librarians and reviewers. Apparently, Elizabeth Bird (aka Fuse #8 of the School Library Journal) and I have had dinner together. Or not. You decide.

Check it out HERE!

There's also some big props for fellow Curious Pictures soldier Ro Rao's upcoming book Herbert's Wormhole a tad further down. It's gonna kick some butt.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we had brunch. Could we have had brunch? I'm sure it was brunch. . . . . or linner.


Nope... I think it was absotively, posolutely BLINNER that we had. And I'm still mad at you for not telling me I had that piece of mushroom omelet stuck between my teeth for the entire meal...