Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Jeez, the things I do to get you guys awesome artwork.

That's right... I'll do ANYTHING to get ya'll one-of-a-kind sooper amazing artwork for The ASIFA-EAST Used Animation Art Auction and Underwear Expo.

Like what, you ask?

How about dousing myself in ketchup (or is it catsup) and lying down in the middle of the street and pretending like I was hit by a car?

And then telling the medics that before I die, I have to, no NEED TO talk to Carl H. Greenblatt, creator of the gihoogic Cartoon Network hit show CHOWDER. And that he just so happens to be inside that building I'm dying in front of-- Cartoon Network Studios.

So of course they go and get him. And as Carl leans over my fractured, dying body (wink), I tell him in a croaky, last gasp kinda voice... my last request... just one little thing....

Could he loan me five bucks?

AND an original ball point pen drawing depicting lots and lots of Chowder heads and could he make sure to sign it?

At least I got the drawing:

But wait, I told the medics, reaching out my hand desperately. I also need, before I pass on to the afterlife (snicker), an original sketch by Pendleton Ward. Because he created this really crazy/awesome animated short for Frederator/Nickelodeon called 'Adventure Time'. And now through some bizarre rift in the time/space/salad continuum, it's being made into a series by Cartoon Network instead of Nickelodeon. And while I'd love someone to explain to me how that happened- I'm dying and haven't the time. But I really want that drawing by Mr. Ward.
And a pack of peanut butter M&M's.

At least I got the drawing.

And having received my last wishes (suckers!)- I then put on the bestest best fake death throes you've ever seen. I lay there, stock still, for what felt like hours, and when I finally opened my eyes- everyone was gone. But this post-it note from my old-assistant (who now works at Cartoon Network) was stuck to my forehead.


See what I'm willing to do for you people?


Claire said...

You have such epic adventures. You should be a comic book hero/lawyer!
All this art looks so amazing, I'm envious of those who can go to the auction.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's not very nice of Mr. Blake Lemons. Whatever that may be...

You come up with the best ideas, by the way.

nothanks said...

Awesome,the ASIFA-east auction is coming up soon.And guess what my sis. is going to NYC!!(she better give me something)Anyways awesome pics.!

melody-gr said...

Man, you really DYING for those pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

How did that get in there?

-Blake Lemons

Unknown said...

I recieved a lesson today, on how to get things that i want!