Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Let no one say that the ASIFA-EAST Used Animation Art Auction and Underwear Expo is not up with current events.

Example: This sooper cool original production drawing of our new commander in awesomeness from the Saturday Night Live TV Funhouse skit- The Obama Files!

Written by the deranged mind of Robert Smigel and drawn at the overworked studios of Wachtenheim/Marianetti this actual production drawing is framed and signed by David Wachtenheim and Robert Marianetti themselves.

Hail to the Chief?

More like Hail to the Highest Bidder!

Here's the skit for those of you who go to bed early:


Anonymous said...

Dear Tom,
I like to make an suggestion about an Story for KND Comic:
An Comic about Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 362- B.O.D.Y.G.U.A.R.D:
Numbuh 362, Rachel McKenzie need an Bodyguard cause Count Spankulot is coming to spanks her for Forming an Strike against homeworks and she turns to Numbuh 1 as her Bodyguard and that night, Count Spankulot came
to spanks Rachel for the Strike against homeworks but Numbuh 1 attacks Count Spankulot and tooks Numbuh 362 and ran of the house and into the Dark Street but Numbuh 362 begins to feel tired from running and tell Numbuh 1 that she have to give up to Count Spankulot but Numbuh 1 have an plans of his own.....
Count Spankulot came across Numbuh 362 and Spanks Her before he flys into the Night and as Spankulot Leaves
Numbuh 362 was reveals to be Numbuh 1 dress up as Numbuh 362 while Numbuh 362 was hidden naked in the
Trash Can, as Numbuh 1 gives Numbuh 362 back her clothes.. Rachel tells Nigel thanks for taking her Punishment for her!
End Transmission.

melody-gr said...

The last comment is cool! Nice video Mr. Warburton and (because I am really boring) you got my email, didn't you? I hope you get it cause I really want you to see the picture I draw! Anyway I told you it's OK to put Joakin on, too! I now you get my email and read it but I'm kinda impatient, sorry!