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Everyone knows ASIFA-EAST is always on the cutting edge of what's new and hot in 'the toon biz'. While other international animation societies are still up on their soap boxes claiming that films with sound and color are works of the devil- we're out there scouring the festivals and lecture circuits for the next BIG thing.

So imagine my surprise when, while doing research for The 2008 ASIFA-EAST Used Animation Art Auction, I came across THE hot new animation company that's gonna make all other animation companies look like limbless monkeys scribbling with broken periwinkle crayons.

It's called Pixar.

And you know that question EVERY SINGLE PERSON asks when you tell them you work in animation?

"Cartoons? Do you still actually draw them? I thought it was all done with clay now."

Pixar's answer: Yes it is.

Check this out:

See that?


Years ago we would have to DRAW all that by HAND. But now Pixar has come up with a way to do it ALL with clay! The artists don't have to do ANYTHING so they can sit back and do whatever the heck they want.

Take for instance sooper incredo-talented Pixar artist Lou Romano. Before clay came along he was SWAMPED doing production design for little known films like The Incredibles and doing the voice of Linguini for Ratatatafagloogie. But now that CLAY has come along, he's got time on his hands! He's FINALLY able to sit back and PAINT.

Here are a couple wonderful 6x6 'mini abstracts' done in gouache:

Beautiful, right?

And here's the really cool part: Because I've been kind enough to introduce Pixar to the general public (something a company just getting off the ground can really use), Lou offered to donate these two pieces to The 2008 ASIFA-EAST Used Animation Art Auction.

Snap these up while you can- by next year Pixar will have figured a way to do oil paintings in clay as well!

In the meantime, check out Lou's BLOG for tons and tons of utterly amazing art. I think this guy's got what it takes to make Pixar THE next big thing.

You heard it here first.

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melody-gr said...

OMG! The new Pixar Movie! Yes! The only one who didn't like that was my little cousin cause he have to wait 1 year to see it! Ha!