Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've seen your desk.

And those 'toys' you've got piled up all around it?


Seriously, where'd you get those? From the gumball machines outside Stop-n-Shop?

But fear not. The 2008 ASIFA-EAST USED-ANIMATION ART AUCTION AND UNDERWEAR EXPO is here to help. And who better to help us help you than the sooper awesomest store in the entire universe:

That's right. The folks at WILDBRAIN have donated a couple Kidrobot Simpsons Collectible Art figures.

Oops... Did I say a couple? I meant to say a CASE. That's 24 blind packed Simpsons figures. Perhaps you'll get one of the three chase rare figures? Maybe. Maybe not.
You'll just have to be the highest bidder to find out.


You say that's not enough?

Then how about if we throw in this, too:

That's a Glow in the Dark DIY Munny, my friends.

So throw out those lousy 'toys' on your desk and come ready to bid next Thursday.

Your desk will thank you.

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