Thursday, November 13, 2008


I LOVE this film:

(i tried to embed it here, but was having trouble, so instead ya gotta go to the National Film Board website... which isn't a bad place to have to go)

So you know what I did? I hiked all the way up to Canada and hunted down filmmaker Howie Shia to try to get him to donate an original production drawing from FLUTTER to The 2008 ASIFA-EAST USED ANIMATION ART AUCTION AND UNDERWEAR EXPO.

Oh, he fought me on it. And what ensued was a battle that shook the very foundations of Cleveland (which I think is in Canada, right?). It was truly an epic battle that spanned days, maybe weeks!

Until Mr. Shia finally told me would NEVER give me an original drawing from FLUTTER because there is no original art from FLUTTER!

Because he did the whole thing in PHOTOSHOP.



So i asked if maybe/possibly he could make up an original piece for the auction.
And I think he was kinda tired from fighting, because he said 'okay'.

And here it is:

This picture doesn't do it justice but lemme tell you something- it's GORGEOUS! Hand painted on rice paper, Mr. Shia truly went to town on this baby. And rumour has it he might even be in town for the auction. If so, make sure you say hi- but watch out for his drop kick.

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