Tuesday, June 9, 2009


What a weekend!

It started out on Friday with a visit to the Washington School in Nutley, New Jersey. Boy, do those kids know how to yell the word NO!

But they're not very good at following instructions. I SPECIFICALLY told them that no one was allowed to draw better than me because I was supposed to be the big sooper star artist. But did they listen? In the immortal word of Noah:


They all made sure that I was the stinkiest artist in the room. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of their awesome artwork... but here's my... um... 'art':

Man, I need to practice more before I go to visit these schools.

On Saturday, it was back to Brooklyn where I stopped by Mini Jake the sooper hip children's store in Williamsburg. There was a street fair going on outside the store so I got myself a comfy chair, a table full of books and hawked my wares! And you know what the best way to get people to stop and look at your book is?


It was also fun drawing all over the street since there were no cars to hit me:

In review news, here's a nice one some a VERY tasteful person (and nooooo, it's not my mother or any other friend or relative!) put up at 1000 Times No's Barnes and Noble page:

This book was cute. I love how the author comes up with all of the original ways of saying no. Languages all over the world, written on a plate with peas, text messages... You name it, it is there.

Perfect for parents who might want to get their kids thinking that saying no isn't always in what they want to say. (going to the park is fun!).

This is a great book for storytime, but especially bedtime.

Why not go and put up your own fabulous review?



Adam Ansorge said...

I like the photo of the gang of kids with the pads above their heads. Angry villager-lookin...and you're outnumbered:)

David B. Levy said...

For those not in the know about the publishing world, it is mostly author's who set up their own in-store signings, events, and publicity. With that in mind, how can we not be AMAZED at what Mr. Warburton is doing. Exhasting and inspirational. Rock on, Tom!

DannaItza said...

Amaizing draw on the floor! =D