Monday, June 8, 2009


Again,I'm a tad late on the latest KND story in DC's Cartoon Network Action Pack... but better late than never!

This issue features a knock down, drag out, kick in the shins battle between the KND and the DCFDTL you really don't wanna miss!

And you HAVE been looking REAL hard at the last couple issues, haven't you? Because, you know, there might be something there.

Something secret...

Hints to come.


RedStar said...

I wonder what they're up to... It's great to see the Delighful Children back in action again, whether it's the show or the comics! I missed those guys. :D

Anonymous said...

augh I was supposed to be getting cartoon network action pack but for some reason I ended up with block party. sigh......

Well anyway i finally bought 1000 times no, so I'm a happy kid now. VERY happy haha.