Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Have you watched GENERATOR REX on Cartoon Network?

It's the latest show by MAN OF ACTION, the guys behind Ben 10!
And I had a chance to hang out with them in their booth at Comic Con!
Specifically, Duncan Rouleau:

We hung out for a long time and talked cartoons, comics, and Cartoon Network.
And while we were talking, I made sure he was drawing at the same time!
Check out this sketch of Bobo Haha, complete with the cigar that Standards and Practices haaaaaaaates:

But wait... if they say that Bobo can't have a cigar,
then how did Mr. Boss get away with it for so long?

I guess evil adult sooper villains have more pull than hyper-intelligent monkeys.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Mr. Boss is smoking from his mustache.

brianna14 said...

i think it's illegal for a chimp to be smoking a cigar...but it's awesome seeing Bobo Haha smokin' one!

Anonymous said...

and I remember back in Operation C.A.B.L.E-T.V.
didn't that baby look like he was somking a cigar?

then again, it turned out to be some soopuh crazy age-changing thing.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's 'cause the chimp is a good guy, so kids may want to imitate it... unlike a bad guy.