Thursday, August 19, 2010


It takes a LOT of power to keep a KND Treehouse going.

Between the offensive and defensive systems, the 5 story gameroom, the indoor/outdoor waterpark, 24 hour automatic kitchen, Numbuh Two's 2x4 tech lab-- not to mention Numbuh Three's animatronic Rainbow Monkey museum... there needs to be an endless source of energy to make sure everything is up and running at all times.

So what would you use?

Solar energy?
Cold fusion power cells?
Bio-diesel fuel?
A matrix of comatose human beings?

Nope. The KND use something even better.


And yeah, it takes THOUSANDS of them critters, all running on their wheels, to power up the massive KND headquarters. It's rough work, but they're well rewarded and shown much love by Numbuh Three.

But what do they do the lil fellas do when they've get some time off?

They toss each other into the air and see how far they can launch themselves into the next county, that's what they do!

And it's REALLY FUN!
See what this guy has to say about it:

So what? Is 99 cents too much to pay for a game?
Or maybe you don't have an Iphone, Ipad or Ipod Touch?

You can always play it as much as you want, for free, right HERE!

But I'll warn you... it's addictive!

And don't be shy to check out all the other KND games on while you're at it!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. My brother and I have played that game ever since I was seven and he was five! I got SO addicted! Any time I got on the computer I would play it! LOL, I might save up for an iPod Touch, and once I get one, I will DEFINITELY buy this game.

Me-too lazy2signIntoGoogle said...

:D My favorite game on,of course.Gosh,it is so addicting.Once it came out,I could not stop playing it.Even my mom played Flight of the Hamsters and she thought it was so cute(I think my mom is Numbuh Three in was playing Flight of the Hamsters one day on the computer,once I saw the ad to the side about having the game or iPhone.I was like, "Oh,yeah.KND is so freakin' popular that their game is on iPhone Touch,baby.Beat that non-original Cartoon Network shows!KND ROCKS!" :P

Anonymous said...

This game was my life for a while. :P For a while on the blog you talked about a pilot you were pitching for Disney, but that was a LONG time ago, and I never caught what happened. Are you working on a new show? Oh, I REEEEALLLY hope you are!

brianna14 said...

i used to LOVE playing that game when i was 10! all the kids in my class were like, "oh yea, lets launch some hamsters into outer space!" a while back i saw it was an app but, i think my mom is too cheap to buy me a 99 cent game for my ipod touch that she bought for me...hahaha. i still play flight of the hamsters because it's so AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I don't have an iPhone or anything like it, but I convinced my friends to buy it on theirs, and we were all hanging out at our hotel, fighting over who got to play it. My friends were all like, "I'm better than you, in your FACE!!" I was cracking up. They later started questioning the logic of the game, and I was being all smart- alecky and going "Look, these hamsters have had tons of mustard squirted on them, and I bet they're all smarter than you, so just shut up!" Ha ha, good times....