Monday, August 23, 2010


As previously threatened, Dan Santat and Mac Barnett's EYEWITNESS REPORTS gallery show and auction preview went off with a big boom!

And for those who showed up, they got the added bonus of not one but TWO shows!

Yup, while EYEWITNESS REPORTS was being shown in the upper reaches of Gallery Nucleus, there was another show for MOONSHINE, an upcoming book featuring the personal work of a whole mess of artists who work at Dreamworks!

I don't need to tell you that these folks are non-stop amazing. Chris Appelhans, Jason Scheier, Samuel Michlap, Nate Wragg... and that's just a couple of the sooper talented artists whose work was shown.


There was a great turn out:

Mr. Santat was on hand to sign books and prints:

And there was, of course, lots of stellar art by folks like...

Well... ME:

Chris Appelhans:

Tony DiTerlizzi:

And Mr. Willems:

And more:

Rockin' right?

Wouldn't it be cool to have a piece from this show hanging in your home?

I can arrange that RIGHT NOW!

See, starting today (Monday, August 23rd), all artwork from the show is gonna be auctioned on Ebay to benefit 826LA

All the information you need is on this poster right here:

Wanna see some more art? Check out this blurb on The Huffington Post!
(WHAT?! No pics of Jarrett Krosoczka's piece? Nor mine? Blasphemy!)

So get those auction shoes on and get ready to bid bid bid!
There's a whole lot of rockin' stuff for sale and it's all for a good cause!


Numbuh 00110011 said...

Hi, Mr. Warburton. I love your show, Kids Next Door! I just recently watched every episode on CN, so glad they're rerunning it.
Anyway, I was wondering, what font is used in the Kids Next Door logo, as well as when the episode title is 'typed out' before an episode starts? I'm working on a fan picture,, and besides missing Nigel (bald heads are hard to draw!) I don't think it'll be perfect unless I can put in some writing using the KND font. Thanks a lot for responding!

Mo said...

Yikes! That's not me!


what are you talking about, mo? that's definitely your picture!
(er... now that i fixed it)

Mo said...

I want to be Tony DiTerlizzi!

Numbuh 00110011 said...

:( No comment, huh? Oh well...

Unknown said...

The font is Aura, and an outline version of Aura is used for the 2x4 technology names. You can see the font at MyFonts: