Friday, August 6, 2010


Allow me to introduce you to Derek Kirk Kim.

A while back, while working on KND, Numbuh 440 (aka Alison Wilgus) introduced me to a book called Same Difference and Other Stories by Mr. Kim.

And it was really fun! So I kept track of this guy, reading all his other stuff:

I especially love his online journal:

When I met Mr. Kirk Kim at Comic Con, I DID make it a point to cut a jab about how he rarely updates the journal.
He could have easily jabbed right back and said,

"Oh, I'm sorry I'm not updating to your satisfaction...
I was too busy winning an EISNER AWARD for this:

I think the kids say "OH, SNAP!" to kind of stuff.

And rightly so.
Derek Kirk Kim had JUST won the coveted award the night before!
But big award winner or not, I was gonna get this guy to draw me a pretty picture whether he liked it or not!
And here it is:


How ya like that?

Stick around for more tasty drawings sandwiched into my sketchbook!

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