Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hey, are you going anywhere in mid-August?

That sounds nice.

Now cancel it.

Because you don't wanna miss this gallery show.

See, sooper pals Dan Santat and Mac Barnett have gathered up the scum and villainy of the art world to create their own eye-witness reports of what REALLY happened in their soon to be Oscar winning picture book OH NO!

All the artwork is gonna be shown at the legendary Gallery Nucleus (along with their corresponding police reports) before the lot goes up on eBay. And what's better, all $$$ made goes to one of my sooper favorite charities, 826LA.

Check the stats:

Wanna see some of the artwork and learn about 826LA?
Yeah, you do.
So check out this video:

Didja catch that glimpse of my drawing at, like 1:23, in there?
Yup... I'm totally honored to be counted among the scum and villainy!

So let me show you what what I did...

First, I doodled up some ideas in my sketchbook:

Then I roughed it out on my computer:

Next, I printed it out and did a test ink by hand:

And then finally, inked it again, and scribbled on some colored pencil and voila:

(The scan kinda uglified the colors... so go to the gallery to see the real thing!)

And here's my police report:

Like I said, all the art will be up on e-bay, so ANYONE can be in it to win it!

But definitely drop by the gallery if you can!
It's gonna be a great show for a great cause!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa- it sounds awesome!

Gosh how I wish I had your handwriting...