Tuesday, November 11, 2008


If I was a sooper cool lawyer, like in Law and Order, and I had Bob Boyle up on the stand, he would totally collapse under my devastating cross examination. It's be like this:

Sooper Cool Lawyer Mr. Warburton, Esq: So, Mr. Robot... I mean, Mr. 'Boyle'. Even though you have not one, but TWO awesome animated TV shows, something no human could possibly manage, you STILL claim that you're not a robot?

Scared Robot Bob Boyle: Bzzzt... Affirmative.

Sooper Cool Lawyer Mr. Warburton, Esq: Then you leave me no choice but to introduce Exhibit 243e to the court. Dudes and dudettes of the jury- check THIS out:

Everyone in the Courtroom: WHOOOOOOOA!

Old, Yet Kinda Hot, Lady Judge: ORDER IN THE COURT! ORDER!

Sooper Cool Lawyer Mr. Warburton, Esq.: (winking at judge) Rack of lamb for two after I win this case, your honor.

Old, Yet Kinda Hot, Lady Judge: Oh, STOP, Sooper Cool Lawyer Mr. Warburton, Esq! You're making me blush!

Sooper Cool Lawyer Mr. Warburton, Esq: Guilty as charged... but what I really want to know is how Mr. Boyle can run two TV shows and STILL have time to do this awesome original ink and marker 'Wow Wow Wubbzy' drawing for The 2008 ASIFA-EAST Used Animation Art Auction and Underwear Expo?! Fortunately, I know the answer....

(He thrusts an accusing finger at the witness)


Scared Robot Bob Boyle (tearing his face off revealing lots of wires and circuits and stuff): BZZZZT- OVERLOAD! Cannot compute devastating cross examination! BZZZT BZZZT BZZZZZZZZZZT!

Sooper Cool Lawyer Mr. Warburton, Esq (whipping his expensive glasses off his face dramatically): The prosecution rocks, your honor.

Awesome, right? People tell me I should get into lawyerizing full time, but I'm kinda busy with this animation racket right now. But I will give you this free legal advice- don't miss out on being the high bidder of this ROCKIN' Wubbzy art on Thursday November 20th...

Even if it was drawn by a robot.


melody-gr said...

Well, you rock as the "sooper cool lawyer" but I still prefer the "Mr. Warburton: the sooper cool and awesome cartoon animator"!

nothanks said...

Go,Mr.W the sooper awesome lawyer!I agree he's a robot!!Ha ha!(:

David B. Levy said...

let the bids begin...
(insert evil laugh here)..

mr. warburton said...
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